Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty Favourites (cliche I know)

Beauty Favourites 

So I haven't blogged in a while
 because I have been super busy. 
I have had school finishing for 10 
weeks (yeyyy!) and other things going on but, 
I felt BAD so I thought I would write 
an easy blog today about my beauty favourites.

The sun is finally shining here and it is boiling! 
I have had many make up free days as it is just too hot!
But, if I am to wear makeup these are a few of my favourites...

L-R these are the Simple
Kind to skin Purifying
cleansing lotion and
protecting Moisture cream


I am in love with the Simple range as I have senstive skin that can get irritated by heavy cleansers full of chemicals but, Simple as it suggests in the name is Simple. 

Cleansing Lotion 

I can't use a lot of cleansers or makeup removers on my face as it causes my face to go all blotchy and horrible but, THIS THING IS A GOD SENT! I use it every night to get rid of the grimy makeup on my face and it works a treat I cannot praise a product more. It is a light non - greasy feeling texture and doesn't feel like you are layering it on. It removes any makeup you have left on and leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh. 

Moisture cream 

This moisturiser is perfect for summer time as it contains SPF 10 in it. It is perfect for those days when you don't feel like putting on a lot of makeup or nothing at all. It is a light moisturiser and works really well. I always feel as if my skin is softer and less dry after using it. I use it every morning before applying my make up and then (if I feel I need to) before I go to bed at night. 

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix serum

The next favourites is a gel foundation by Bourjois Paris called healthy mix serum with a pump nozzle. I love this foundation and have tried a MAC and a Rimmel and they do not compare to this one for me. I like a light coverage in a foundation that doesn't look like you have caked make up all over your face and this does not disappoint. I got it in the shade 52 Vanille/Vanilla. This suits my skin perfectly and I find throughout the day it lasts but also tends to look more similar to my skin tone. It also smells amazing! 


Boujour Paris Volume Glamour
Ultra Black Mascara  
To be honest this has to be my favourite mascara of all time. It is the Boujour Paris (yes again) Volume Glamour ultra black mascara. I like a mascara to make my lashes longer and also to make them more defined. This mascara does just that. It isn't clumps and last all day long. I love it! It makes my lashes appear longer and thicker in just one coat and also it really easy to apply.  


Benefit High Beam Highlighter 
My Favourite Highlighter has got to be the Benefit High Beam. It gives good coverage and last all throughout the day and into the night. I don't feel like it wears off very easily. It is easy to blend and is very subtle. The only thing I would say about this is don't put a lot on because 1. You don't need that much to make an impact with this 2. you end up looking like some sort of alien with glittery skin because it gets harder to blend the more you put on. So watch out for that. Other that that I really enjoy using this. 

I am not actually sure if Perfume is considered as a beauty item but I'm going to include them any way because it's part of what I wear.

Loverdose by Diesel (Purple)
This perfume is probably my favourite perfume of all time. I wear it as a day perfume even though some may say it's probably more suited to night. I love the way it starts off as a liquorice type of smell and then throughout the day the you start smelling undertones of vanilla and then before you know it it becomes a vanilla scent all together. I have worn this perfume for the last few years (and as you can see by the picture I may need a new one)  and have never really found anything I like wearing more. It is my favourite! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites and continue to read my blogs. I really appreciate it. Feel free to give my Twitter (@Malsenn) and Instagram ( @malsenn) a follow to keep you updated and see when I post next .

See you soon 

Mali xx

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