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Summer style selection

Summer Style selections

So I wanted to do a blog today slightly bored and I also felt like writing so here we go. 
Today I wanted to write about items of clothing that I have (so far) worn a lot and are suitable for the Summer as it get hotter. These items are not something I would pair together as one outfit (maybe you guys would) but they are just singular things that I have a soft spot for. Hope you enjoy x

Cream Maxi dress from H&M
The Maxi Dress 

I find Maxi dresses to be an easy throw on either on the beach or just any day. I like the fact that you can get so many different styles and colours and they suit any shape and size. Mine as you can see from the photo is a cream maxi. It is a light cotton fabric and has a lace strip just under the bust. It also has the same lace panel at the bottom. The back is different as it has a sting like spiderweb effect on the back, it parts off into a sort of triangle between the shoulder blades which I find to be very feminine. Whilst buying this dress cringily I was thinking of Mamma Mia (the film) and the dress that Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) wears at the end. But I really am fond of this dress as it is simple but very elegant. The only downside to this dress is people with a big bust have to buy a larger size as I find H&M sizes for busts to be very hard to get right. But that's just me. I brought this dress last summer an seem to remember it being around £20.00. I think. I'm not sure. 



Patterned top from Primark
As you may be able to see from this blog I am very into my quirky patterned items that are easy to pair with a pair of denim shorts or simple nude items and really have a stand out effect. This top is one that I brought the other day from Primark and was very inexpensive. It was only £10! It a pattern that reminds me of old Victorian tiles ( It's not horrid don't worry). I love the contradiction between the two blues that make the frame of the t-shirt stand out. It cuts just on the line of the torso (across the hips) and is a very light fabric that is perfect for hot summer days. There are hints of red also in this top and it is a button down. I have a lot of love for this top.

Dog tooth print overalls from
Urban Outfitters 

I think that overalls are so easy to throw on over a bikini on the beach to wear around with a crop top or any top underneath and can see you right through any season. These overalls here are from Urban Outfitters and were in the sale a few months ago. You are not really able to see from the photograph but that have a dog tooth print o them in black and white. The have deep side pockets which is very useful and also pockets on the behind. I love these overalls I brought them in a medium which is slightly too big but they didn't have a small so I opted for these which actually turned out to be great. They are fitted but on me are slightly big so I enjoy rolling up the bottom of the shorts and making them look worn. I brought them some time ago but seem to remember them being around £20.00. I'm rubbish at remembering prices my bad, sorry.


The simple vest top

This is something I have worn to death over the last few days. I brought it recently and it was very inexpensive at £5.99 from H&M. I love the H&M basics as you are guaranteed a good quality item of clothing for very little money. This vest top has very low cut sides but I brought it in a large which would be around a size 16-18 and it cuts the middle of my thigh and comes down low under the underarms. (I also love the way that H&M have changed their sizes but that's another thing that I shall talk about another time). It is a dark grey colour and really light weight and is perfect to throw on over the top of anything or with a pair of shorts/ skirt . 

Floral Shirt  from
Urban Outffiters  

Again a quirky patterned top. I also have a thing for collars. This top is perfect for those windier/colder  days but are still a cool addition to the summer wardrobe. The print on the top is a small floral type. It has small red flowers with black stems and in my opinion is very MOD. The sleeves are cuffed with black at the end and have a button around the wrist to secure in place. I think its important to be aware (especially in Britain with our bipolar weather, for instance whilst Americans partied hard in Cochella in their shorts and crop tops it was raining here :( ) that you may need to have a warmer option. I also got this top in the sale section of Urban Outfitters and i have a feeling it was £15 which very good for the quality of the shirt and style

Denim Playsuit from
The Playsuit/Romper 

This Playsuit has served me well. It's something that I will easily pop on with a pair of vans or sandals and head out. It's starting to rip and wear out now but it was a bargain buy from Primark at £12.00 last year and I have worn it to death over the last year. I have worn it through the winter month by throwing on a pair of tights underneath and a thick cardigan/jumper and it has served well. As you can see by the photo there is a light blue floral embroiderd patter on the top of the bust and I find it very cute. I think the Playsuit/ Romper is something everyone should own just because it is so easy to style and wear and you can buy so many different styles to suit so many different shapes and sizes of people. 

                                                                                 The Sgort 

Floral sgort from Primark
I was very apprehensive about trying one of these as I had seen them on other people (one of them being Sammy from beautycrush) and thought they looked amazing on them. But,I wasn't sure about one for myself. I brought this one recently from Primark and I love it. Its a really lovely fabric and works really well with over sized t-shirts or vest tops. It is high waisted so I like to tuck my over sized tops inside and it creates a nice silhouette. It was so inexpensive as well only £7 which for something like this is worth paying. They also had a yellow version of this and many others but, because I am  so pale I went for the pink.

Black floral Kimono from H&M
The Kimono 

Last but certainly not least we have a Kimono. Again I had seen these on other people (Helen melonlady) and thought they looked amazing. They are. They are such an easy thing to style and easy to wear. They suit any body style and you can get them in so many different styles. I got mine from H&M and it was £12.99 which I think is pretty good considering what it is. It is a black Kimono with baby pink and fuchsia flowers on it. It also has white leaf like patterns on it. I brought a size medium which is a size 14 - 16 and too big for me but I like it because it drapes on me and does not swallow my body. It cuts half way between my elbow and wrist and then half way down my thigh. I have actually enjoyed wearing this with the vest top from before a pair of leggings/ black jeans and wedged black sandals. I have to say this is probably my favourite recent purchase.

Thank you again for spending the time to read my blog I am so grateful to you :) If you are interested in following me on Twitter or Instagram and see what I get up to there is a like in the bar on the left side of the page. Feel free to leave suggestions for the next blog. Thank you again see you soon (hopefully)

Mali x


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