Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sun's out! Lets go for a picnic.

Sun's out! Lets go for a picnic.

Fun in the sun 
So this is my first blog. I am a new bee. Honestly I'm not exactly sure what to write about so I thought maybe I should just tell you about my day and what happened today.

So where I live it is not very sunny. More of a dark part of the world where sun avoids at all costs and rain takes pride in washing the streets. Today was different. The sun was actually shining. So naturally being a teenager who has just finished (or mostly finished) her exams we decided to go out and enjoy. 

It was lovely! The sun was glowing and we had a Beats pill that was blaring the sounds of summer. We had packed some food and decided to have a picnic all together. We played with the frezbee (I'm not really sure how you spell that) and went on adventures in the woods.It was an amazing day and I really enjoyed. 

Short and sweet but I want to use this as a platform. I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel soon so I shall keep people posted on that.


Mali x